The Bible Unlocked (Beginners) Righteous Lion Radio January 20, 2018

January 20, 2018

The Bible Unlocked! An edifiying series of lessons uncovering the hidden history of so-called blacks in the Bible exposing mind blowing Biblical truths that have been hidden in plain sight for centuties.

         The Hidden History Of Blacks                  Unlocking The Secrets Of The Bible

            The John 3:16 Deception                                  What Does God Look Like?

            The SUN-day Deception                                        Who Created Evil?

           The Rapture Deception                               Neither Jew Nor Greek Deception

         The Tithing Deception                               Did Paul Speak against Keeping The Law?

            Did The Jews Reject Christ?                             Cornelius, The Gentile

              The Easter Deception                                    The Trap Of Paul's Epistles

             The Gentiles Cut Off                                  Paul VS Christianity.. Somebody is lying.

           How To Keep The Sabbath                           The Pork Deception Part 1 Of 2

          The Pork Deception Part 2


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