Tru Judah



Tru Judah is a new artist with a new mission in life: being the light, spreading love and waking up the true 12 tribes of Israel. The ​Hebrew Israelite Truth music artist is not here for money or fame, but for the sole purpose of waking up God’s people to the truth. ​Formerly known as Mic Marlow, ​Tru Judah cites his only influence as The Holy Spirit. He is​ ​divinely inspired, making righteous music for sinners.
Tru Judah knew music dwelled within his spirit from a very early age. Writing entire songs since he was 7, ​Tru Judah now realizes the spiritual connection he has always had with music. According to him, “​As long as I move with righteous intention I will never run out of material. I have tapped into what The Most High has been preparing me for my whole life and I am making the best music I have ever made​.”
Growing up in South Sacramento during the midst of 90’s gang violence and drug culture, Tru Judah witnessed many of his childhood friends pass away or go to prison. Rather than being engulfed in the same fate ​Tru Judah found a way out by creating music, participating in sports and following the teaching of many prominent Black leaders. A social activist at heart, Tru Judah showed strong leadership traits early in life, founding a nonprofit at the age of 16, ​brothers United​. Even then, Tru Judah was a strong truth seeker and would read anything he could get his hands on, before applying that knowledge and sharing it with his community.
Due to having his sports career cut short by a serious injury in high school, ​Tru Judah bet on himself by moving to Los Angeles with a couple hundred dollars and only one change of clothing to his name.
Although he made it work, ​Tru Judah found his music career stagnating after three years in Los Angeles, sparking the idea to attend college. He subsequently enrolled in an HBCU as a Sociology major, before moving back to California to start his own recording studio and record label. It was during this time that Tru Judah released his first album, ‘​The __ Album’​ under the alias _____.
The album was brilliant, showcasing his versatile range and many styles. However, ​Tru Judah quickly lost interest as he outgrew the subject matter before falling into a dark place, trying to find himself for several years. It wasn’t until he discovered the truth about his ​Hebrew Israelite heritage that Tru Judah was freed from darkness and awakened as a new man, with a new vision and subject matter - telling the truth and praising The Most High. All of this and more led up to Tru Judah’s seminal new album, ‘​The Healing’.
Most recently, ​in an effort to create an independent multi-media platform that specializes in righteous, enlightening and political content, ​Tru Judah launched ​Righteous Lion Clothing Company and ​Righteous Lion Radio app​. The app provides a much needed resource to the community by streaming nothing but Hebrew truth and praise rap and hip hop to showcase meaningful artists. With plans on making righteous lion radio app a platform to showcase his content and support similar artist, ​Tru Judah is well on his way toward his #1 goal of showing the hood the truth - that you can move in a righteous manner, keep the commandments of the most high, and show brotherly love while still remaining a real one - in alignment with his purpose of waking up the 12 tribes of Israel through love and light.


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